Eth mining cost

eth mining cost

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Eth mining cost

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Many mining sites like Bee and pi is presented by different forum. Please, do you mean there are some mining on this forum, like Bess and pi? I will like if the question is answered. Mining is profitable, most especially because the price of the coins that are mined are increasing price which make sit profitable but you are right that the mining difficulty is increasing but still profitable to mine.

And the rate of mining is also very low. As it is also discussed in many topics that mining is not too much Worthy as it is too much costly in electricity as well as it consume much electricity to so if you can afford that you can do mining. In my opinion, my friend, mining is profitable because it is still in the market who can work in this field very strongly, but needs sufficient experience in mining properly, so in my opinion it is profitable.

Thank you my friend. Mining for profit is not such a good idea. It is no longer profitable, I hear about people that used to earn a lot in the past years using mining and with minimum possibilities too , but this does not work anymore , because nowadays you need powerful devices to mind and that is not to mention the electricity consumption and the cooling that you need to provide, the costs are to high to afford.

The difficulty of mining does not stop growing Free BTC 1 Satoshi every day. Mining still remains profitable as it is necessary for most projects to confirm new blocks and network transactions. It all depends on what kind of equipment we are talking about.

Maybe for individual capacities they are not profitable. But on ly few countries are profitable where there electricity is cheap or they may use solar power. I tried to mine electroneum and stopped because of low amount of coins it will mine.

Mining is not a work just we need to leave the system aside. BTC is good for mining, but the power usage will be more where we loss money for energy. Yes, my friend, mining is profitable at times, especially for countries that use solar energy or where electricity is cheap..

In short, my friend, in order to be able to make a profit from mining, you must generate a high hash, and to generate a high hash, you must have a mining device, do not try to get a profit from mining through a normal phone or laptop. Mining is a good source of income for those who can not make their business yon their own. It provides you the crypto currency without doing efforts and especially it protects you from the headache of business problems.

This is what the mining is the Life Partner of many people in the World. If you have a low cost power source, it is profitable. There are many renewable energy companies that you can discuss terms with. The service provider maintains and supervises for a fee, while the investors return at the end of the agreed time. As you have said, it has been a long time but yeah, mining still has its own value and profitable. Though I can not assure you truly, but try mining different crypto currencies unlike Bitcoins which is pretty hard to mine nowadays.

CryptoSkye Bitcoin mining is getting more difficult as the mining reward is reducing right, and also as the mining difficulty is increasing. But did you know that the mining difficulty algorithm is set to make new bitcoin which is currently 6. Yeah, of course mini ng is profitable and still remains profitable as it is necessary for most projects to confirm new blocks and network transactions. Maybe for individual capacities they are not profitable but i ask maybe. Of course, mining is profitable, although obviously it is much more difficult to mine bitcoin today than 5 years ago, and the more time passes it will be much more difficult, but the profits are greater, remember that a miner charges for commission and commissions of bitcoins are high, not to mention those of ethereum, if I could mine, I would do it for sure, it is less risk than trading.

Dear friends! According to my guess, mining is not profitable. Our time in mining is wasted. According to my guess there is no such website or any app that is true. I would like to tell our friends not to waste time on mining.

Why are miners busy mining and more miners joining if mining is not profitable. Good question. The price increment is enough to be sufficient for miners to gain from mining, also is ethereum mining and many other coins like that. Only few countries are profitable where there electricity is cheap or they may use solar power. I think, that depends on the capital invested in equipment for that purpose. Since it can generate a huge expense in electricity and that is reflected in an increase in the amount of the electricity bill.

It would be more profitable, to do tranding with crypto-currencies of course if you know how to do it. Yes, mining depend on the capital, there are some that do not have the capital and join cloud mining but lose because cloud mining is risky and most people are losing. But having cheap electricity with cold weather and pool mining will make mining to profit someone. Yes minning is still profitable for people. Especially for counteries that use solar energy.

The dificulty of mining does stop growing. You need to do more for the sake of cost. You need a trusted mining site. You are right, exactly what I am talking about. The mining difficulty is truly increasing, the mining reward is truly decreasing but the price of bitcoin or other crypto that are increasing makes it still profitable to do as a business. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

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Eth mining cost на чем майнить биткоин процессор или


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After that I will need to either upgrade the power supply or start a new mining machine. You can find cheaper models here, but it is best to find a well-reviewed model, because this is something that will make your machine safer and hopefully prevent fires. You can save money here by going very cheap, and will only be used when you are initially setting up the machine. This is the same as the keyboard just above. It is needed for the initial setting up of your system and you can use the cheapest model that you can find.

For a more consistent internet connection it is recommended to have your miner connected via an ethernet cord. Because my machine will be placed quite far from my modem, I needed to buy quite a long ethernet cord. This is needed to have your operating system on your machine, and also the mining software itself. As long as you have enough storage and works fine almost any model is fine for this. You can go cheap here. Thankfully again, I was able to receive this for free from a family member.

This is key make or break think that will determine how profitable a mining machine can be. I will fully admit that the electric cost in the area that I live is definitely not cheap and will cut into my earnings quite a bit. But thankfully the price of ethereum is at all-time highs, and the transactions fees are high as well, allowing this to be quite a profitable venture for me. But it is very important to know what the electric costs in your area are, and how much your machine would use before even deciding to begin mining.

And in the future I am planning to add a third gpu, which only will make it increase even more. But it will be different for the area that you live in. On a side note, when setting up your mining machine it will need to be connected to a monitor. You can choose to purchase your own monitor and always have it connected to it, or just initially during the set up. Personally I will just connect mine to my TV during the set up and save the money that I would have otherwise used to buy a monitor.

With the machine that I currently have I should be able to mine approximately 0. So at current prices it will take me about 4 months before I enter pure profits. Naturally if the price of ethereum would go down it would take me longer to turn a profit.

But I am expecting the price of ethereum to rise even more, which would make me profitable much faster. In the future I am hoping to add a 3rd gpu and possibly a 4th. I also plan to lend out my mined eth to platforms like BlockFi to boost my earnings even more.

So are you interested in getting into Ethereum mining? It is rather expensive to initially get started, and I want to know if you think it is worth that investment or risk!? Living day by day, stacking sats and trying to retire early. KuCoin Blog. Alternatively sign up with email.

Already have an account? As always, thank you for reading! How do you rate this article? We pay the tips from our rewards pool. For our predictive profit function, we plugged a point into the calculator once every month and assumed a linear fit in between each point. According to this calculator, if you started mining in January , a year and a half in day you would start losing money since your Ethereum mining rig would cost more to run than it would generate in profit again, assuming a static price in Ethereum.

You could resell your GPUs to cut some of your losses, but your equipment will have lost a lot of value and that loss is only going to accelerate as newer mining equipment continues to improve at an impressive rate, something that is making GPUs from a year and a half ago already lose a majority of their value. Your GPU resale value will ultimately determine your overall mining investment return. Looking at the value of GPUs on Amazon. In our calculations, we also used a favorable, but not ideal, scenario for electricity costs.

Consider the following three examples, one of an individual miner in Connecticut, one in Washington D. Depending on where you live, electricity can greatly affect the profitability of mining. In the case of a miner in D. We have also excluded other potential costs from our calculations. These costs could include further expenses such as operational, cooling and maintenance costs. Of course, the real hope with mining is that the currency you are mining in this case Ether will appreciate greatly.

Going through the mining process to gain Ether may seem like an inefficient route to the currency. You could instead just choose to invest all that money into your desired cryptocurrency to start with, in which case you would derive profits without the operational headache of running mining equipment.

There is an ever greater threat to mining profitability approaching in the near future: Ethereum is soon moving to a proof-of-stake model with the Casper Protocol. When this happens, something expected in years, traditional mining will no longer work and mining rigs will become obsolete. Rigs will no longer be able to generate streams of revenue from Ethereum mining. To be a staker you will no longer need the complicated hashing power of GPUs that proof-of-work required.

This post is not intended to discourage mining on the Ethereum network. Miners are needed to secure the vast decentralized system we enjoy today. Our intent is to show that mining profitability is based on the appreciation of Ethereum. As we move into a world with more decentralized services that pay in Ethereum directly, or services that pay in other crypto-assets, mining may become less favorable due to the large depreciating investment in hardware. We may collect cookies and other personal information from your interaction with our website.

For more information on the categories of personal information we collect and the purposes we use them for, please view our Notice at Collection. Become a Member Sign In.

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