Dash camera reddit

dash camera reddit

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Dash camera reddit

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The charging cable can plug into a port on top of the unit or a port on the mount. The unit has four control buttons to the right of the screen that are clearly marked and easily accessible, allowing you to quickly turn the audio on and off, format the microSD card, and do other basic tasks. The screen is brightly backlit, and the menu interface is intuitive and simple to navigate. Like the rest of our picks, the X4 has a hour parked-car monitoring mode the Garmin Dash Cam Mini requires a hardwiring kit, sold separately, to activate this feature.

Since the X4 is powered by a capacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery, it can function in extreme heat, which is a nice asset if you plan to drive in places with particularly hot climates. The X4 also lacks some of the convenient driver-assist features that the Nextbase has, such as Alexa support, Bluetooth connectivity, and emergency calling. If your budget allows for it, the Nextbase GW is a big step up from our top pick. For twice the price, you get equally great image quality and a wider range of features, including Bluetooth and app connectivity, built-in Alexa support, and emergency calling.

During the day and at night, it can capture crucial visual information such as street signs, license plate numbers, and even car makes and models in vivid detail. If you prefer a more permanent setup, you can simply remove the suction cup and swap in an adhesive attachment. The app allows you to perform basic tasks remotely, such as viewing, downloading, and sharing video.

However, at this writing it has a dismal rating of two out of five stars on both the Google and Apple app stores, with many complaints about slow or spotty Wi-Fi connections. And as with any app, the company could decide to stop providing support or updates at any time.

Like all of our picks except the Garmin Dash Cam Mini , this dash cam offers hour parked-car monitoring, as well as GPS tracking so you can go back and review your location, speed, and other relevant details from the time of a critical incident. The GW is the only model we tested with built-in Alexa support and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an SOS feature that automatically alerts emergency services in the event of a crash.

Like our top pick, the Nextbase GW is sleek and compact. Its screen, just like that of the Vantrue X4 , measures 3 inches diagonally. The display is brightly illuminated, and the menu is fairly intuitive to navigate. The controls are mostly touchscreen based, except for a small home button at the bottom of the screen and a power button on the side of the unit. A rubber port protector attached by a tiny tether is helpful for keeping dust and moisture out of the Mini-USB port on top of the unit, though sadly the port on the mount lacks this feature.

So if you plan on using your dash cam in temperatures above degrees Fahrenheit keeping in mind that a car parked in direct sunlight acts like a greenhouse and gets much hotter than its surroundings , you may want to consider another one of our picks. The S1 is a bit bulkier and clunkier to set up than our main picks, but it comes with most of the same key features and conveniences.

The p rear camera produces noticeably granier and muddier footage, though the colors are still fairly realistic and well saturated. The rear camera, meanwhile, has a degree FOV that strikes a good balance between the center details and width. After carefully placing the adhesive mounts on the front and back windshields, you can snap the dash cams onto them via interlocking plastic grooves. This display size makes the menu slightly harder to read and navigate, but we still found it fairly intuitive to use.

Five clearly marked control buttons reside along the bottom of the screen, and a power button sits on the side of the unit. Despite being a bit bulkier than the X4 and GW cameras, the cameras of the S1 are still fairly sleek and compact and they look a bit like a miniature Eames chair and ottoman when placed side by side, which is very cute. Like our other picks, except the Garmin Dash Cam Mini , the S1 has a GPS receiver to log location and speed data, as well as to handle hour parked-car monitoring.

The S1 also comes with a foot cable with Mini-USB plugs on both ends to connect the front and rear cameras; this cable is rather thick and bulky, but it needs to be that way in order to carry power and data reliably between the two devices we have some tips on how to install dash cams tidily.

And, similar to that model, its biggest drawback is that it lacks a built-in Wi-Fi network. This omission precludes it from offering app connectivity, Alexa support, and other nice-to-have features that more expensive dash cams, such as the Nextbase GW , are often equipped with.

But the S1 still offers a great range of features and capabilities for the price. The Vantrue N2S is the best dash cam for people who want to record the interior of their vehicle as well as the front. This model is a great option for ride-share service drivers looking to document the activities of their passengers in case of a theft, assault, damage, or other criminal activity that might occur inside their vehicle.

In a lighter sense, it would also be perfect for vlogging a road trip or re-creating an episode of Carpool Karaoke video. Like our other picks, aside from the Garmin Dash Cam Mini , the N2S has a 4K-resolution front-facing camera capable of producing crisp images and brilliant colors, and the unit switches automatically to black-and-white infrared footage when it gets dark out.

The interior-facing camera, which offers p resolution, is located on the back of the unit, to the right of the display. Like the front-facing camera, it can record in both light and dark environments. The p camera is not quite as vivid as its 4K counterpart, but it still offers a higher resolution than you usually see on dual-cam models.

The front camera has a degree FOV, and the interior camera has a slightly wider degree FOV, both of which are within our preferred range. The N2S comes with a suction-cup mount for you to affix the dash cam to the windshield. The dash cam clips into place on the mount, and a plastic crank locks the suction cup firmly in place on the windshield. A small flap of rubber allows you to gently pry off the suction cup when you want to remove it. With the ball-and-socket hinge, you can easily aim the front camera.

On the back of the unit is a 1. The N2S has the same easy-to-navigate menu as on the other Vantrue models, as well as four clearly marked control buttons on top of the unit. The entire interior camera is contained within a knob on the right side, which you twist up and down to aim the camera. Like most dash cams, the N2S automatically prevents any footage from being overwritten after it detects a crash or any kind of crash-like motion, such as going too fast over a speed bump.

So, if something interesting happens, you can immediately press this button and ensure that the camera saves the footage to the microSD card. Just like the other Vantrue models, the N2S has built-in GPS tracking to collect location and speed data, as well as hour parked-car monitoring. And like those units, it lacks app connectivity and the other driver-assist features you get with the Nextbase GW.

The N2S is bulkier than the Garmin Dash Cam Mini, but otherwise we found its cylindrical shape to be the least visually obstructive when placed on a windshield compared with other models we tested. The body of the unit and the mount each have a USB-C port, so you can connect the charger to whichever device makes more sense for you.

The N2S is powered by a capacitor and has a rated operating temperature range of 14 to degrees Fahrenheit. This range makes it the least suited to extreme cold of any of our picks, but it should work just fine in extreme heat.

The Mini records at p resolution, yet it delivers surprisingly good video quality compared with similar models. In our testing with the Mini, we found it harder to read license plates on parked and oncoming cars than with the best 4K and p models, but the images had bright colors and bold highlights and shadows. Since the Mini has no physical power button, the only way to turn off the camera is to turn off the car or unplug the power cord.

The Garmin Drive app is more limited than the Nextbase app, and in our tests the recorded video was a bit choppy when we played it back. However, at this writing the Garmin Drive app has a rating of 4. In , Garmin suffered a ransomware attack that took its services down for three days. The company claims that no customer data was stolen, but this incident reinforces our concerns about how companies handle data.

But even though its footage looked fairly sharp and had good color in our testing, it also had a lot of video noise. And in footage taken at night, a high level of contrast produced glare in lit areas and a lack of detail in darker ones. The Garmin Dash Cam 56 performed very well in a previous round of testing.

Its p video, with a degree FOV, was about as sharp as that of other p models we tested, and it had good overall color and night imagery. Like the Nextbase models, the Dash Cam 56 uses a magnetic mount attached to the windshield with adhesive , which makes it easy to pop on and off, but you do have to plug in or unplug the cord each time.

This width captures more of the scene in front of the car but makes things look farther away, so details are harder to see. A previous top pick, the p Garmin Dash Cam 55 , and its wider-angle sibling, the p Garmin Dash Cam 65W, have been discontinued though they are still available from some retailers at discounted prices.

Their controls, dimensions, and windshield mounts are the same as those on the Garmin Dash Cam 56 and 66W. You can also buy a hardwiring kit separately to add hour parked-car monitoring. In our testing, the Orbit was easy to set up and use, and footage from both day and night was crisp and clear.

However, it has only two customer reviews on Amazon and a rating of 1. Still, if you want Nextbase features and ease of use at a lower price, the GW is worth considering. For tight budgets, the Nextbase is an even less expensive, barebones version.

It has a bright, 2. At night, the video was contrasty and grainy. We also found it hard to adjust the lens position or connect the app. The Thinkware X is an older model with worse video quality than that of our picks, and its optional plug-in GPS receiver is less convenient.

The Vantrue T2 used to be our also-great pick for people who want a capacitor-powered dash cam, but several of our current picks also run on capacitors and have better resolution. The buttons on the rear are easy to access, but the labeling is difficult to read.

Also, the app is basic, and we had trouble connecting it to the X3. Both the front and rear cams of the BlackVue DRCH provide good contrast and dynamic range, and its capacitor power supply adds reliability in extreme temperatures.

But it lacks a display, and without Wi-Fi or a smartphone app, you must play all footage back on a computer. The mount also has no side-to-side adjustment, limiting your ability to precisely aim the camera where you want. But in our tests, the p front video lacked sharpness and was too contrasty, which resulted in too much glare at night and a lack of detail in darker areas. It also includes forward-collision and lane-departure alerts, but we found them to be annoyingly sensitive and switched them off.

With weaker video, especially at night, from the p front and rear cameras, the Papago GoSafe failed to stand out against its competitors. The rear camera has a narrow, degree field of view, and in our tests at night its video lacked detail in darker areas, producing glare that made license plates hard to read. The rear camera of the Papago GoSafe S mounts on the rear window to record behind the car or on the windshield to record the interior.

We found the video quality of the Rexing V1P Gen 3 to be average, with a lot of contrast and excessive glare. Though you can adjust the lens in any direction by physically moving it, doing so is difficult when the unit is mounted on the windshield. The Vantrue N2 Pro Dual used to be our favorite front-and-interior dash cam, but it has much worse resolution p and p, respectively than the N2S.

The Vava VD has a p front camera and a p interior camera, both of which produced clear and vivid footage in our tests. We also found this model easy to set up and use, and relatively unobtrusive on the windshield.

But it costs just as much as other models with the same features and higher-resolution cameras. It offers a good mix of features including GPS tracking, hour parked-car monitoring, and app connectivity , but in our tests it was much more difficult to set up and use compared with less-expensive models offering the same capabilities.

The Cobra Road Scout is basically a radar detector with an integrated dash cam. A strong magnetic mount makes it easy to pop the Scout on and off the windshield. It has a very narrow, degree field of view, the compact display does not show dash-cam video, and the unit needs to pair to your phone via Bluetooth to function at all. The Klashwerks Raven combines a dual-cam setup with navigation, security, and vehicle tracking.

We also found that in hot weather the adhesive mount had trouble holding the large, 7-inch device on our windshield. We used to recommend the Owlcam which the company has since replaced with two similar versions, the Owlcam Classic 3. However, the company temporarily suspended support for existing customers when it went out of business in early it has since been acquired by Xirgo Technologies. Because of this hiccup, and the fact that other dash cams offer similar features, we no longer recommend these cameras.

If you are looking into the small size dashboard cameras check out our review of that kind of dash cam. It features both a front-facing and rear-facing camera , which is useful for recording goings-on both inside and outside your vehicle. With that said, for the price there are better options some without SD cards but we reviewed the SD cards for dash cameras also, to help You with everything. Look into our list of best Uber dash cam and also our top pick for the dashboard cameras for Lyft to find the camera that suits You the best.

In our opinion, it offers high-end performance for a mid-range price, making it a solid value option. Our night vision dash cams guide has this model as our 2 pick. See our hidden dash cam guide for our recommendations. This dashcam is perfect for forward-facing video recording.

It can withstand extreme temperatures which makes it a perfect fit for your vehicle. It automatically captures impact events with its G-sensor and changes camera settings with an LCD screen. Plus it is high heat resistive heat resistive dash cams has also been our point of interest , very easy to use, records at a higher resolution, overall it has high quality and it has 4.

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini is a great option. Its tiny, reliable dash camera automatically records incidents. The Degree wide-angle lens catches footage with an amazing resolution. Garmin Dash Cam Mini automatically records and saves videos of incidents. A built-in Wi-Fi connectivity uploads saved footage to your compatible smartphone running The Garmin Drive app. Dash Cam auto-sync enables you to control and playback footage from up to four cameras on your smartphone using the app.

Our Thoughts: The Garmin dash mini cam is small and compact with a clear footage and high-quality video which automatically records accidents. It comes for a good price and it is really easy to use with a degree view and outstanding quality! Brett Helling is the owner of Ridester. He has been a rideshare driver since early , having completed hundreds of trips for companies including Uber, Lyft, and Postmates.

In he acquired Ridester. He is currently working on a book about working in the Gig Economy, expanding his skill set beyond the rideshare niche.

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